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Every country has a treasury in which you can find total amount of Gold and Currency which country gathers with different incomes.
The treasury information is displayed on the Economy panel.

Mutual protection pacts, Issue money, and other laws are paid out of the treasury.


In order to perform any kind of donations, citizens have to be at least level 25.
Minimum donation conditions are listed below:

  • minimum Gold donation = 1 Gold;
  • minimum Currency donation = 20 Currency;

How country gets currency?[edit]

Countries gets most of the currency from taxes.Basically when someone exchanges products in monetary market or in marketplace the country get a percentage from the currency.With the new update for every citizens that gets to level 23 the country get 3 gold on treasury.Also country win currency from Manager work if you are a foreigner citizen and move to another country to work there is a different tax. Example:Player A has 25 companies and is citizen of Switzerland,current manager work tax is 1cc if he work on 25 companies he will lose 25 cc and country will get 25cc.Player B has 10 companies but travels from France to USA and the foreigner tax in USA is 3cc he will lose 30 cc

To view the taxes of a country go to Community => My Country => Economy and scroll down till u see taxes.

In this picture it is shown all the taxes that France has got on day 211 and day 212