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What is currency?[edit]

Switzerland currency shown by the flag of the country

A currency is the money used in eRevollution 2 (denoted by cc among players).

Every country has its different currency.For example if you are in Switzerland you use a currency of CHF and if you want to buy something in France you should have a currency of FRF.

Example: Player A has Swiss citizenship. Player B donates 10 FRF to player A, it will stay in FRF and can not be used in Swiss market.

How to Gather Currency[edit]

There are multiple ways to gather the currency:

  • Have it donated to you by someone else who has the currency.
  • Work in any country and receive the salary which stands for your citizenship currency.
  • Exchange gold or currency for it. (Example: Sell 2 Gold for 666 CHF (Switzerland monetary))

How and Where to Spend Currencies[edit]

With local currencies you can:

  • Buy different products(foods,weapons,raw) in the marketplace.
  • Buy gold by exchanging on the Monetary market
  • Buy different companies using country currency.
  • Pay your employee.
Here is me proposing an offer in Monetary Market.