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A Country President is an elected leader of a country. Country Presidents are tasked with the job of representing their country in the political, economical and military matters.


  1. All potential presidents need to be a candidate for the Presidential elections.
    1. They need to unlock presidential feature by reaching level 18.
    2. They need to be a party member
    3. They need to be endorsed by their party president for the elections.
  2. Once they have completed all three requirements for becoming a candidate, they will also need to win the elections in order to become country presidents, by having more votes than other candidates.
  3. The selected player was elected the new president by an approved Impeach law.

The presidential elections[edit]

On the 5th of each month at the day reset, the presidential elections take place in every country. Citizens will have to access the voting polls in order to see the list of the maximum 5 candidates from their country. The voting polls last for 24 hours.
Country presidents who win the elections will also receive a reward of 5 Gold and the Country President achievement. Presidents elected by an Impeach law do not receive this.

Example of all law proposals that country presidents may propose.

Country President's functions and abilities[edit]

  • Alliance (Mutual Protection Pact)
    Propose a military treaty with another country. Signing an alliance with another country costs 10 gold and lasts for 30 days.
  • Declare war
    Declaring a war costs 20 gold. When a war is declared, president can decide to attack the country.
  • Trade Embargo
    Propose trade embargo with another country. If the vote passes, the two countries are unable to trade with each other for 30 days.
  • Propose peace
    Presidents can propose peace to end a war between two nations.
  • Natural enemy
    Natural Enemy is a law that can be used to receive 10% bonus damage while fighting agaisnt the selected country. Both congress and the Country President can propose it

In additions to these laws, Country Presidents may also Accept/Decline citizenship requests. Country Presidents that win country elections have 20 law proposals, while those elected by an Impeach will get only 5 law proposals.